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4 Month Training

A great client and close friend, Josue C. did everything I instructed him to do. He is a full time engineer and also is in schooling, So dieting and finding time for the gym was difficult. This is a prime example of time management, intense gym sessions, and complete dieting. I prepped him for his first Men's Physique competition.


3 Month Dieting

I prepped Alonzo for two men’s physique shows. The SF and Sacramento shows where he placed 3rd in SF and 4th in Sac. I was in control of all his food cardio programs. He listened and executed everything I asked of him.


3 Month Training

One of my very first female clients Sully B. came to me for training and dieting guidance. She wanted to get in shape for a 2 week long vacation she had planned. Her dieting was 100% in control along with her cardio routine. She was very satisfied with her figure as our training came to an end.


4 Week Nutrition

A very fast 4 week transformation here for Marcus. He came to me needing help with his nutrition. He already had knowledge in the gym with lifting, however.. I was able to coach him with his cardio duration and dieting needs. This is a great example of what proper nutrition can do for you, and how fast it can happen if done in the correct way.


5 Month Training

Eze P. was preparing for his first MMA amateur fight and requested me to be his dieting coach. From 265 lbs starting off, he weighed in at 196 lbs, the day of his fight. We worked very close together communicating everyday with what he needed to be eating, and we had complete success.


5 Month Training

Will G. came into my gym and asked me to be his Men's Physique coach. With him having Type 1 diabetes the nutrition had to be perfect. Doing everything I asked of him, Will placed 5th in the Sacramento All Natural Muscle Mayhem show.


3 Month Training

Mariel R. always killed her gym sessions, however she found herself always stuck at the same weight. No matter how much cardio she did, she could not loose the body fat. She then came to me for help, and we began working on her dieting program. Then boom! the fat just started falling off.


8 Month Training

Alberto M. is hands down one of my best clients. I helped him diet through three vacations and every Raiders home game lol. We started at 330 lbs, and now currently at 285 lbs. He has changed his whole lifestyle into a positive reality of what food actually is.


8 Week Nutrition

Jaqueline M. works a full time job, and also goes to SFSU for school. Her cravings always get the best of her, so I dieted her through "Macro Dieting". This image is a 9 Lb drop which was achieved through red wine, brownies, burgers, and tacos. I basically just controlled her intake of food, and also feed her foods dense in nutrients. You don't always have to diet extremely strict to get the results.


2 Month Vegan Diet

Karina and I worked together on progressing her diet. She had been vegan for 2 years without any success of loosing weight. Her first week of dieting, she dropped weight fast and she was ecstatic!


4 Month Training

Luis has been one of mine clients that’s off and on with his training. We loose weight, and he goes back to his lifestyle of partying because he is a musician. Then comes back to me when he starts gaining too much weight, to get back on track with his nutrition and workouts.


3 Month Training

Stephanie came to me, because she wanted to get ready to be a bridesmaid in her sisters wedding. She was very easy to work with in her dieting, as she completed everything I asked of her.


1 Month Training

Jose’s physique responded really good to the program I had him on. Started off with heavy weights and a diet calculated for cutting body fat. Only 4 weeks of training, and his genetic’s came into play, for a clean look.


3 Month Dieting

Fernando and I only worked together on his nutrition program. He rarely weight trained, he mostly did cardio. He was busy with a full time job and a full load of college classes. He prioritized his time management, and completed his diet daily for a healthier lifestyle.


3 Month Dieting

I’ve know Hefci for many years, so I was happy when she reached out to me for help with her diet. She had a bad history of eating junk food, hot cheetos, pizza, tacos. I put her on a strict diet program and she dropped weight fast.


2 Month Training

Isis was a fun client to coach, because of the intensity she brought into training. I had her training heavy which showed a lot more muscle tone in her physique than she’s had before.


1 Month Dieting

Alan is a Macro dieter. Meaning, eating whatever he likes, as long as it fits his daily caloric intake. I had him drop weight fast with eating ice cream, Panda express, Chipotle. All I did was control his calories, and by him eating the right amount of food everyday, we had success.


3 Month Dieting

Mauricio works night shifts at his job, which was frustrating in the beginning. But, I ended up changing some food groups around, and made him focus on his sleep more. Then we watched the weight fall right off.


3 Month Dieting

I also prepped my wife Andrea for our wedding. She ate everything I told her to, only had cheat meals when I approved them. She is so happy with her body, plus how the dress fit on her the day of our wedding.